Exotic Cats That Are Kept as Pets

If you’ve always dreamed of owning an exotic pet cat, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration before bringing one home. Exotic cats, from the small serval to the larger lions and tigers, will require certain amount of care and responsibility.

Before deciding to buy an exotic pet cat, it’s important to learn the specific laws in your area relating to owning these types of animals, as it may be illegal in some areas. First, check with your local city and county governments to see if there are any laws restricting the ownership of this type of animal, and then also get in touch with your state’s department of wildlife. To be extra thorough, you can also contact the federal government’s Department of Agriculture to learn of any possible restrictions.

The next thing to consider is the amount of space your pet will need. Exotic cats need plenty of room to exercise and play and will require a spacious cage in order to be happy. Remember, that even the smallest of exotic cats are far different from the domesticated house cat and may be aggressive animals who frequently mark their territories by spraying urine. These cats are also predators by nature and their behavior may be unpredictable at times.

Another important consideration is finding a veterinarian who is not only willing, but also equipped to care for this type of animal. If you’re lucky enough to find one who makes house calls, great, but otherwise you’ll have to figure out how you’d transport a large cat back and forth to the vet if need be. Some exotic cats such as tigers or lions may weigh anywhere from 200 to over 500 pounds and would need an extra large, extremely sturdy cage.

Exotic cats have sharp claws and teeth, so it’s important to remember this when playing with your pet, or when leaving them unattended. These cats may claw furniture or otherwise be destructive, so be sure they’re going to be supervised at all times when out of their cage.

Exotic cats will also have a diet of raw meat, and lots of it, which can be costly and pose problems with storage. After all, it’s not very feasible to have uncooked, bloody meat all over the family kitchen.

Just like any animal, an exotic cat will also need to have physical and mental stimulus in order to thrive. By providing them with different toys or activities, you’ll be helping your pet grow into a healthy adult cat.

Owning an exotic pet cat involves a serious commitment, in terms of time as well as money.

Unfortunately, many people buy these cats and then find they are unable to care for them. Zoos will not accept animals from private owners due to various laws and regulations, and because they simply don’t having enough space, so it’s imperative to make sure this is the right type of pet for you before buying one.

Exotic cats are inarguably some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. Before bringing one of these intriguing animals into your home, do plenty of research to determine if you’ll actually be able to properly care for one. Having an exotic pet cat may require a huge responsibility, but it’s also quite a privilege to own one of these fascinating animals.


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