Moluccan Cockatoo Personality, Food & Care

Cockatoos make grand animal companions. It is important to know that captive bred cockatoos are acceptable as pets, but never a wild one. This practice is against the law, unfair to the bird, and just idiotic as wild birds are not accustomed to domestic life.

In captivity, the more common species of cockatoo is found. The Goffin’s, sulfur crested, oluccan, umbrella, and bare eyed cockatoos are just a few to consider. When you possess the necessary information and surroundings for this type of bird, you can select one of these species of cockatoo as a fascinating pet.

Goffin’s cockatoo is quite small in size, as well as the lesser sulfur crested cockatoo. Some of the larger species to seek out include the umbrella, Moluccan, and greater sulfur crested selections of cockatoo.

One of the things that cockatoos love to do is play with their food by tossing it about. The pet birds also enjoy chewing on anything under the sun. This means that cockatoos are rather messy in their habits and if this is fine with you, then you will surely enjoy the company of a cockatoo.

The life span of a cockatoo is up to 40 years of age. Larger species have the capacity to thrive until their 80th birthday, but this is quite rare when they are in captivity.

Cockatoos enjoy feasting upon an assortment of fresh foods. They also require avian pellet, which creates up to half of their diet. Additional meal items may include grains, vegetables and fruits. When it comes to seeds, it is suggested to use only as a treat since they are high in fat.

It is important to note that cockatoos may also bring about allergic reactions in some people because of their down feathers, which can generate a fine dust during preening that irritates the senses of some.

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