Rosella Personality, Food & Care

The rosella is an attractive and well-liked parakeet. The birds are full of color, making them extremely impressive for lovers of nature, as well as keepers of exotic birds as pets.

Some breeds of rosellas to consider include:

  • Crimson Rosella
  • Golden Mantle Rosella
  • Eastern Rosella
  • Pale Headed Rosella

Additionally, the Golden Mantled Rosella is quite the energetic bird, as are all species of rosella. This bird breed enjoys climbing and playing with their toys. They also enjoy chewing on things, which is something that all Rosella owners will soon find out.

Rosellas are thought of as relatively uncomplicated to mind when compared to most of the other pet birds in the exotic category. This species is also not that hard to breed if you are able to locate a decent mate.

Since rosellas are highly energetic birds, they require unswerving training in order to cultivate them into reasonable pets. Overall, the majority of exotic birdkeepers just starting out would not normally select a rosella as their first species of bird because of all the demands pertaining to making them a tame pet.

When it comes to other birds of their own species or different types of parakeets, rosellas possess the natural instinct to react quite aggressive. As a rule of thumb, you wouldn’t want to keep more than one rosella in the same house unless it was for mating purposes. They are so aggressive that if they are situated in cages next to one another and are able to see the other, they will peck at the cage in an attempt to reach the other.

This part of the website offers details on all of the kinds of rosellas you may encounter, including information on breeders of the species, and where to locate rosellas for sale. Additional information includes caring for a rosella, the kind of food they eat, as well as a collection of amazing photos to browse.


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