How to Choose the Best Cat Scratching Post

Cats like to scratch, and it is a regular part of cat’s behavior. This action helps them to remove the dead outer layer of their claws. They scratch to mark territory with an odor or scent glands in their paws. All this scratching can cause more damages to furniture, drapes, and carpets.

Cat scratching post is a wooden post covered in a rough material that promotes healthy scratching habits in cats. A scratching post is the best solution to keep your cats happy, at the same time it will save your precious furniture.

Why do cats need a scratch pad?

  • To remove the dead outer layer of the cat’s nail
  • To stretch their muscles by climbing on the post
  • Leaving the post for the territorial purpose
  • It helps them to feel good physically and mentally

Tips for choosing the best scratching board for your cats

Before buying the cat scratcher board, you have to analyze whether your post includes the following 3 main characteristics:

  • Height
  • Sturdiness
  • Great Surface


Scratching posts need to be tall so that your cat will get a great full body stretch. If the post is too small, your cat won’t go back to it.


Before you buy, make sure the post should be sturdy enough for your cat in order to get full exercise and complete stretch. The good size sturdy scratch posts let the cats to scratch and also gives them an alternative place to nap.

Great Surface

Cat enjoys scratching when the post is covered with a material which is good for scratching and gives them a feel as tree bark.

Best scratching post for cats

Many cat scratcher post materials covered with either Sisal Rope orSisal Fabric.

Sisal Rope is good for making cat scratching post and toys. It holds the knot very well and great for crafts and other purposes.

At the same time, this sisal rope gets shrink when wet and it contains the natural oils from the grass. The scratching action of claws is constantly interrupted by the bumps on sisal rope. This rope is not the right choice to satisfy your cats for scratching.

Sisal Fabrics an excellent choice since it made with great scratching surface. This fabric scratch material is relatively tight and gives a great feel to cats. It profoundly helps the cat to shred claws in a pleasing way. This material is sustainable and bio-degradable.

Giving your cat a sisal fabric scratching post is a great solution to keep them away from destroying your house.

Tips to make your cat to use a scratching post

  • Make your cat’s scratching board more attractive.
  • Attract them to the post using catnip or their own scent.
  • Spend time near the post encouraging them to interact with it.

So make your cat happy by providing a scratching post and protects your furniture, drapes, and carpets from further damages.


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